New Zealand’s central bank will be closely watching inflation expectations to determine whether it needs to raise interest rates at a faster pace. 

NZDUSD W1 11 29 2021 1049


Trade accordingly with your risk.

SPX500 D1 11 26 2021 1737


S&P500 index will fall below 4300 ( EMA200)?


USOil D1 11 23 2021 1446


In our opinion upside trend can continue if Crude oil rise above 80 ( EMA20). Trade accordingly with your risk.



In our opinion, USD index can retrace as early next week.



Trade accordingly with your risk.


EURCAD weekly charts indicates lower growth can come in Eurozone.

EURCAD W1 11 10 2021 1706



USDCAD will continue to fall for the double bottom, according weekly chart? 

USDCAD W1 11 09 2021 2030






Silver posted a low above 23 last week, and on that it is now starting to make good on forming out the right side of an inverse head-and-shoulders pattern. A clean daily close above 24.86 will have the neckline of the pattern broken and confirmed.

Looking at the depth of the pattern, the projected target based on measured moves is up around 28. You get this by adding the depth of the pattern to the neckline. The first big test, though, will arrive at the 200-day moving average at 25.36, and declining.

XAGUSD D1 11 09 2021 1622




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