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Today, the Euro reached a nine-month high against the dollar as more hawkish remarks about European interest rates contrasted with market expectations for a more restrained Federal Reserve.
It was supported by Klaas Knot, an ECB’s governing council member, who stated that interest rates would increase by 50 basis points in February and March and then continue to rise in the following months.

Since Knot is seen as a hawk among decision-makers, the speech was interpreted as a response to recent claims that the ECB would reduce its rate of change to quarter-point increments starting in March.

In contrast, futures have steadily decreased the expected rate peak to a range of 4.75% to 5.0%, pricing out nearly any possibility that the Fed will rise by 50 basis points next month. 

EURUSD D1 01 23 2023 1331

This week’s scheduled flash surveys on manufacturing in January are expected to reveal bigger improvements in Europe than the US, in part due to declining energy prices. Furthermore, US inflation is declining further and quicker than the Fed estimates. The USD can drop even more this year in this scenario.

However, the new high is weaker than the previous highs, as seen in the RSI. There is a bearish divergence from previous highs that is pointing to weakness in bulls. Bulls will need more momentum to continue the bullish trend. Otherwise, bears might come in to reverse the trend.

EURUSD W1 01 23 2023 1334





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